Corporate Profile

Hi, Welcome to LyncMed.

We are doing something different for the global medical device market, something to make you buy products easier and cheaper.

China is the largest producer in the 300 billion dollar medical device global market, through the traditional way, the Hospitals/clinics will after a long supply chain before they can get the products- from the OEM plant’s product line, through export trade agent, across the ocean to product brand owner’s warehouse, then the wholesaler distribute the products pass multi levels to the end distributors who serve the Hospitals /Clinics. That’s one of the reasons healthcare cost is so high and keep raising.

Now, you can purchase the good quality medical disposable products online, while it’s just one click away for you, LyncMed is doing all the work behind that - manufacturer& product quality check, cross boarder shipping and 24hrs customer services.

We are here to make your work easier and more efficient, make sure you get high quality products with much better prices.

Today, LyncMed is serving small businesses from all over the world to help lower the healthcare cost for every family.

This is LyncMed, we are doing something different, please visit us