LyncMed Local Partnership Program

Working with LyncMed allows you to increase your profits by providing a one stop solution that links businesses directly with customers. Partnering with LyncMed enables you to buy the same high quality products you want at a better, more competitive price. Our digital platform allows producers in the healthcare sector to deal with customers directly which allows for the quick shipping of products to the country they have been ordered too. This builds up lasting relationships between Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with overseas buyers who keep their custom with LyncMed due to the quality and speed of service. LyncMed has sales offices across the world including Italy, Spain, Germany, India, Russia and Brazil with additional warehouses in strategically placed locations to support distributions on a global scale.

LyncMed allows SMEs to engage with global customers. As an international company we are committed to building good relationships with local vendors ensuring they can receive a larger proportion of the profits that are typically made overseas on the products they produce. Our personal connections with Chinese manufacturers enables you to receive the same trusted products and brands you are used to but at a fairer price.

LyncMed’s simple two stage process outperforms the typical eight stage process used by other competitors allowing cost savings of up to 50%. Our database is rapidly expanding and whilst at present we focus on surgical disposables; our infrastructure means we have the potential to expand to other products in the future. We aim to be the ‘Amazon’ of the healthcare sector and are constantly advancing our practices to be up to date with the latest changes in information technology. This ensures a user friendly experience and makes it easier for you to sell your supplies to a global audience. Using our platform helps to solve problems caused by outdated models, changes of physician preferences, restrictive manufacturer return policies, contract changes, product upgrades, multiple ownerships and faults in software systems that result in billion dollar losses for our hospitals annually. This is why so many buyers are impressed with and continue to use our platform giving you access to a new range of loyal customers to sell your product to.