Supply chain plays a large and vital role in ensuring proper product availability so that each customer along the way—think hospital, care provider or patient—receives exactly what they need when they need it. This inventory management is a complex process, and there are varying opinions on who should handle it.

Understanding access points and demand parameters should provide ample direction, just like in the retail environment, Central inventory is generally kept in a controlled location with access limited to inventory management staff.

Change happens fast and is the norm on the front lines of clinical inventory, Products change, storage locations change, surgeon demand changes.

LyncMed Quality Assurance

We are committed to delivering outstanding customer value, by providing quality health care products and services which consistently meet the needs of our customers, both internal and external. We are committed to continuous improvement of our products, our services, our business processes and our business relationships. We will accomplish these objectives by creating and maintaining a quality-focused environment, while deploying our Total Quality approach with our valued customers, employees and community.

A Total Quality System

Corporate Quality at LyncMed consists of several distinct areas: Quality Assurance, Quality Control, and Regulatory Affairs. Our staffs are highly trained employees at all quality-related functions for LyncMed's products. The team includes Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Regulatory Affairs, R&Ds and engineers whose combined knowledge and experience contribute to our goal of continuous improvement.

Quality Control

Quality Control is the final check prior to distribution, where we confirm that our design and validation processes have yielded products that meet our customers' needs.